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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • How will the cleaners get in?
    Many of our clients provide us with a key, garage code and/or alarm code. We take great responsibility in securing our keys and access to your property. We will never put identifying information on the key and it will be kept in our secured & insured lock box between cleanings. Keys for the day's appointments are given to each Winthrop Clean team member only on the morning of the cleaning and returned the same day. Arrangements for entry will be made with each client prior ot the appointment with the access method that is most convenient for them. If Winthrop Clean arrives to your residence and is unable to gain acess for a scheduled cleaning a $50 lockout fee would be assessed. We're fair people and wany to be treated fairly in return. We will not charge you for the first occurance.
  • What areas do you serve?
    Though we are located in Winthrop and serve primarily our hometown, we will work within the surrounding areas. Let's discuss! Call us at 617.846.0118.
  • How does your simple pricing work?
    We have a flat rate for all customers—1 story is $100 and 2 stories would be $150 and so on.
  • Must I be home at the time of the service?
    Not at all. It's up to our clients if they prefer to be at home or not at home during their cleanings. You can simply send us entry instructions call us at 617.846.0118 and we can make that arrangement for you!
  • Do you bring supplies or do I bring my own?
    We come fully equpped with all the supplies needed to leave your home sparkling. We use only products that we would use in our own home around our family and pets. Cleaning supplies are carefully selected to be as safe as possible, while still getting the job done.
  • What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel?
    We understand that unplanned issues arise, and you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment — Just give us a call! We know you're busy and we're happy to work around your schedule. However, if possible, we respectfully ask that you give us a 48 hour notice (in business days) to provide an opportunity to schedule other clients during that time. Cancellations made with less than 24 hour notice are subject to a $50 fee. We are fair people and want to be treated fairly. We will not charge you for the first occurance.
  • Is there anything I need to do to get my home prepared for your arrival?
    You can help us provide exceptional cleaning service by following a few simple guidelines: If you pick up clothing, toys, & other household items prior to your service, the Winthrop Clean team can fully dedicate their time to cleaning rather than straightening up. We will still straighten up for you, but this helps us as well. Place fresh linens on the beds if you would like us to strip the sheets and remake the bed with clean linens. Please let us know before your cleaning service if there is anything specific you would like for us to do or not do so we can be prepared — we take pride in making things as simple as we can for our clients.
  • What should I do with my pet(s) during the cleaning?
    As proud pet owners ourselves, we know just how important your furry family members are. If your pet is completely friendly around strangers, we have no issues with them being unsecured. However, if they are not, we ask that they please be placed in an area not being cleaned. Please let us know if there is any important information regarding your pets that would be helpful for us to know to protect both them and the Winthrop Clean team.
  • What if my routine cleaning falls on a holiday?
    These are the only days that we do not provide routine cleaning: Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Year's Eve We will resume service on the following week at your regularly scheduled time. If you need it soon than one week after, call us at 617.846.0118.
  • How do I pay for my service?
    We accept cash or check in person, as well as credit/debit card online (click the Book Now button). Payment is due at the time of the service unless other billing arrangements have been made in advance. Cash or check may be left in an envelope on the kitchen countertop.
  • How many people will come to my home? Will it be the same people each time?
    We provide a fully bonded and insured 1 or 2 person team each time. If you receive a regularly scheduled routine claning service, we make very effort to ensure you receive the same cleaning team each visit (or at least one of the cleaning members in case of another team member's absence). We want our clients to know and feel comfortable with their cleaning team. By sending the same team each visit, it helps them become familiar with your home and cleaning preferences.
  • What if something gets damaged during the cleaning process?
    Due to the nature of our business, our staff is required to touch virtually everything in your home. We are as careful as possible; however, if something does get damaged while cleaning your home, the cleaning team will leave you a note or inform you if you are home. The office will also follow up with a phone call to determine the best course of action to take. We do our best to repair or replace anything that is damaged during your cleaning. The most tragic form of damage is that of something irreplaceable either monetary or sentimentally valued. Rather than be sorry, the safest way to protect those items is to store them away on your cleaning day, or instruct us not to clean such items. Winthrop Clean is not responsible for damage due to faulty or improper installation of items. Please inform us immediately if any items in your home require this type of attention. Examples would include the following: broken or improperly installed blinds, tiles, curtain rods, loose carpet, etc.
  • What if I'm not satisfied? Do you offer any type of guarantee?
    Of course! Your satisfaction with our service is our #1 priority and that is why we have a 100% guarantee. If, on the rare occasion that you aren't happy, we will promptly return in 24 hours to re-clean any unsatisfactory areas. Your feedback also lets us know how we can improve.
  • Are there any services you don'y offer at this time?
    Hard to reach areas (higher than our cleaning tools can reach) Cleaning of bio-hazards (mold, hoarding, etc) Carpet cleaning Exterior Windows
  • How long does it take?
    While we allot an hour and thirty minutes for a single story house, and three hours for a two story house, many times we use 2-person teams and finish ahead of schedule, especially once we've learned your ongoing expectations. We don't focus on time—we focus on your satisfaction.
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